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How to incorporate Collagen into your diet

Collagen is good for all the things: support skin firmness and elasticity go hand in hand with getting enough collagen in your diet. But busy schedules and excessive lifestyles can get in the way of your collagen intake and your bodies natural production. So, we have rounded up our top three ways to get more collagen in your life and diet:

Firstly, eating collagen rich foods is not only going to bring you the benefits of collagen, but also all the other vitamins and minerals that come along with it. Bone broth, eggs and fish are all naturally rich sources of collagen in food. Adding these items to your grocery list will bring big benefits to skin health. Regular meals that include collagen proteins give your body the building blocks to repair and replenish your skin. You can also back up your dietary intake of collagen with fruit and veggies that are rich in Vitamin C. Vit C supports collagen formation, so be sure to incorporate foods like oranges, strawberries and capsicum in your daily diet.

Secondly, supplementing your diet when you are not getting enough collagen in your diet! We have made sure that topping up your levels as needed is easy! Munch on our berry flavoured collagen gummies. Our convenient format mean you can stash your SUPs in all your regular haunts and ensure that you can get a collagen booster whenever you need it.

Always read the label and follow directions for use.


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