By WebTeam Pharmacare

Our Golden Guide To Collagen

If all the jargon surrounding Collagen supplements has stopped you from getting started with them, then we are here to help. Not all collagen supplements are the same and finding a good one can be confusing. We have put together some golden rules to guide your choices around the types, their differences and how to find the best quality options. Let’s unravel their points of difference of this gold standard beauty supplement, and get you started on your collagen journey.


The two key sources of collagen for supplements are animals and plants. Animal based collagen comes from animals like cows or fish and is true collagen, while plant based collagen is derived from plants like algae or fungi and doesn’t actually contain the collagen protein itself. The goal for supplementing with either is the same: to get that everyday glow.

How readily available the supplement is for absorption by your body will influence how effective it is. Animal derived collagens may have better bioavailability than plant based ones, so the general consensus is that these are more effective.


HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN is the most common form of collagen supplement and found in many SUP Supplements.

COLLAGEN PEPTIDES are made from hydrolysed collagen but they are less processed making them easier to absorb than standard hydrolysates.

MARINE COLLAGEN is sourced from marine life, usually fish! Type I and III collagen is derived from by-products of fishing and is one of the most popular sources for supplements.

BOVINE COLLAGEN comes from cows and the greater bovine family. It is made from farming by-products like bone and cartilage.


We LOVE a collagen SUP and so will you! As we age, our collagen levels naturally deplete, hence the need for regular top ups. No need to stress, SUP’s fun range of collagen supplements have got you covered, being the perfect addition to top up your collagen intake. But, which type should you be taking?

A high dose liquid collagen is a great place to start! SUP Inner Glow Collagen Shots contain 5000mg of French Marine Collagen and they are ready to drink in a yummy grape flavour, so there is no need to fuss around with collagen powder concoctions. Starting with an intensive serving suggestion that then tapers down to a maintenance dose is the perfect way to get started.

You can keep up a daily dose of hydrolysed collagen with SUP Inner Glow Collagen Gummies. Packing 2500mg into a single serve of delicious gummy goodness, these bad boys are a the best way to make taking your collagen a daily treat. They taste so good even though they are 99% sugar free - yay!

The SUP Hair, Skin and Nails Shots contain 2500mg of Collagen Hydrolysate along with the all star team of Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This convenient collagen drink format is chockers with effective ingredients to give you a collagen boost and support your own bodies collagen production.


When committing to a collagen supplement product, it’s important to consider the following factors:

Does the brand or product have any certifications or reviews? These can help you determine whether they are producing high quality supplements that are safe for consumption.

Is the brand Australian owned and Australian quality guaranteed?

Do they have an abundance of glowing customer feedback and a responsive customer care team? How attentive a company is to their customer queries is a telling sign. They should be able to confidently answer any question about their product.