By WebTeam Pharmacare

Quirky ways to have your SUP Shots

Containing the big names like Collagen, Biotin, Caffeine and Ginseng, these neatly bottled single serves are packed to the brim with goodness and did you know you can add them to just about anything!?

Here are our favourite ways to make your vitamin-shots a little bit extra:


Start the day smiling with a super charged smoothie by adding a SUP shot to the mix. Our fruity flavours blend right in with crowd pleasures like banana and level up the nutrients in your already healthy breakfast!

We love: SUP Gut Love shots for our morning smoothie. With a blend of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics its full of goodness and its apple flavour is perfect for mixing into smoothies and juice.


We are melting over how delicious our shots are as a frozen summer treat. When we’re looking for a refresher we have been known to freeze our SUP shots into ice cubes, icy poles and even blend them up in a nutrient packed frappe.

We love: SUP Inner Glow Collagen Double Strength shots for a berry flavoured frappe. Containing 5000mg of French Marine Collagen this grape flavoured goodness gives you that glow from the inside out.


Why not upgrade your drink order with an extra shot? One that will add a hint of flavour, a hit of health benefits and might even lessen your hangover! Pairing a supplement shot with your cocktail is the ultimate mixology move. 

We love: SUP Focus Mental Performance shots for a tropical flavoured boost to our happy hour. With a blend of Vitamin B12, B6, Ginseng and a little caffeine it’s the perfect pick me up with your mai tai. 

Giving your body a little extra goodness doesn’t have to be a chore. SUP Shots help you elevate your intake the way you want to, any day of the week.