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Should I be taking collagen under the age of 30?

Collagen is our go-to super sup because it is one of the building blocks in the body that adds to our inner and outer glow. But as we age, we lose it and the older we get the quicker it goes. Lifestyle and diet factors contribute to the rate at which it depletes, but by the time we are 40 we are losing around 1% a year. This is why wrinkles and sagging skin begin to take residence on your once glowing visage. 

girl crying with purple block coloured background behind. Her makeup is running and her makeup is messed up and smudged all over her face.

Don’t cry. We can help.


Collagen supplementing helps replace our depleted natural levels and can be taken in several forms. We use either French Marine Collagen and Hydrolysed Collagen, which are Type 1 collagens, similar to the one found in your body and predominant in your skin, making them the perfect fit to keep your skin looking fresh and your body feeling its best.

But the burning question is: when is the right time to start supplementing?

If you are under the age of 25 and you are looking for a beauty boost, our Collagen Hair, Skin and Nail Shots contain 2500mg of collagen along with Biotin and Vitamins C & E which can be used for an occasional glow up.

Over the age of 25 your body’s natural collagen supply starts to gradually decrease, and you should be reaching for our tasty Inner Glow Collagen Shots

To get you started, our Inner Glow Collagen Shots have a recommended intensive, booster, and maintenance plan you can follow. They contain 5000mg of French Marine Collagen along with some other goodies like Jasmine Green Tea Extract, Biotin and Vitamin C - so these little bottles will make a big impact. We can also suggest Inner Glow Collagen Gummies, these also contain a lower but effective dose of Hydrolysed Collagen that is delicious and easy to chew on the go to give you that everyday glow!

Incorporating collagen to your daily self-care is a simple and effective way to top up your collagen intake for your inner glow (and did we mention that it tastes so delicious!). So, our hot tip for under 30’s wanting to hold onto their glow is: add collagen to your cart!

Not sure if you should Pop, Shot or Chew? Shop our collagen collection now to see what SUP collagen works best for you!


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