By WebTeam Pharmacare

Should I Pop, Shot or Chew?

At SUP we know that our health can’t be one size fits all because everybody has their own goals and preferences. Better products in flexible formats are the future, and the future is here at SUP. Whether you want to pop a pill, shot a mouthful or chew a gummy you can find the right fit for you from our innovative range of products. 

If you’re a traditional gal and you like to POP a tablet or capsule to get your health support, you are not alone! And for good reason, we can pack a lot of goodness into a little pill. This format has a long shelf life, meaning you can buy in bulk and never miss a day, and is also cost effective which makes it more accessible. Our tablets and capsules offer modern wellness support staples in a familiar format. 

Our SHOT products are a significant step up. Bottled into single serves in mouthwatering flavours, they offer tasty convenience that is bursting with goodness. Packed with ingredients you can count on, they offer the flexibility to shot them on the go as is.  


You will want to CHEW  our gummies because they are legitimately yummy and they come in a bunch of wonderful flavours. Fruity, chewy treats hold a place in many a sweet tooth’s heart, but nourishment in a gummy format has a few other advantages: they are soft to chew, easily swallowed and comfortably digested.