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The 411 on our most popular gummies

We wanted to make sure that getting your supplements everyday was something to look forward to, not avoid, so we formulated a range of delicious little treats with benefits to boot. SUP Gummies are chock-a-block with the good stuff and we made them taste so good you’ll be keen to see them on the reg. But if you’re not sure where to start, here’s the 411 on our most popular gummies:

Inner Glow Collagen Gummies are the yummiest way to boost your daily collagen intake. Why boost your daily collagen intake? Because after the age of 25 your body’s natural levels start to slip away, taking with it your bouncy complexion and glowing visage. So rude. Don’t have a quarter life crisis though, we can fix it. With 2500mg of hydrolysed collagen per serve our Inner Glow Collagen Gummies are your perfect inside-out beauty booster. Munching on a few of these mouthwatering berry flavoured treats to get your collagen boost. They are dairy free and 99% sugar free making them an excellent long term choice for your collagen needs.

Gut Love Probiotic Gummies are perfect for anyone looking for raspberry flavoured daily digestive support.  Because who would want funky fermented milk  when they could have red frog flavoured gummies? Chew a couple after lunch to get a little extra goodness in your gut. With 1 billion CFU per serve you can count on these probiotic love bugs. Our Gut Love Gummies contain Bacillus coagulations, which is just a fancy name for a type of bacteria that promotes lactic acid in your gut. We made sure they are gluten free, dairy free and 99% sugar free so you can chew these worry free.

Fit Caffeine Energy Gummies are a juicy mouthful of energy. Packed with 80mg of caffeine per serve they will give you the kick you need to get going, whether that be to the gym after work or just out of bed in the morning! We also added in Vitamin B-12 a key B vitamin for contributing to normal energy metabolism and the reduction of in tiredness and fatigue mixed berry flavoured bites deliver a sweet pick me up - without all the added calories of another cup of coffee!



These crowed favourites are our top three best sellers, but all our gummies are yummy. Treat your body right with SUP Gummies, shop the full range here (link).

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