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A random sample from a specific batch of product is sent for Independent Third Party testing for the presence of WADA banned substances. The result will be stated on a Drug Testing Certificate.

The HASTA Certification seal means that every batch is tested. It is designed to give competing athletes in particular, confidence in choosing a supplement, knowing that it has the added assurance of being testing for inadvertent contamination with banned substances.

Certification requires significant additional commitment from the supplier; prior to being certified, HASTA verifies the product by testing multiple samples from different batches; suppliers who are part of the HASTA Certification scheme also need to demonstrate that they have a current, comprehensive and third party audited Quality Assurance system in place in their manufacturing facility. Once a product is HASTA Certified, every new batch of product must be tested to maintain that certification.

Yes, sports gummies are now HASTA Certified, so every batch has been sent for Independent Third Party testing for WADA banned substances by HASTA. The results for the SUP Pre Workout, Creatine and BCAA gummies can be downloaded below.