SUP is a range of innovative supplements created by a team of young entrepreneurs who worked in the vitamin industry for years but realised there wasn’t a single product for people under 50. SUP is a range of functional supplements designed for young people to help them get more out of life. 

We really believe in the value of supplementing, not just to ‘fix’ health problems but to help you get more out of life, so we have created different products to help you do just that. We are rethinking the health industry and formulating simple supplements that meet our (and your) ultra-high standards. 

INNOVATIVE SUPPLEMENTS  We needed to do something differently. We have done everything we can to capture the best of what nature has to offer and apply it with modern and effective science to create real functional products. 

WORKING WITH AN AMAZING TEAM - We worked with Australia’s leading Naturopaths and chemists to create a range of innovative products we believe work. We made SUP so that you can POP, SHOT or CHEW your way to better health.

HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY – A bit skeptical about some of the products out there “lose 10kg in 5 days”. We believe in honesty and transparency – we use scientifically researched ingredients.


SUP, Innovative supplements.
We aspire to help every Australian get more out of every day.