By WebTeam Pharmacare

A few reasons why we love Caffeine

Caffeine has become one of the most widely used stimulants in the world. It holds a firm place in many a daily routine in the form of a cup of coffee (oat latte is our current order), but it can also be found in energy drinks, tea, soda and supplements. We consume caffeine to help us get into gear for daily life, which is usually fast paced and demanding, but we don’t often think about the extra benefits that come along with the buzz.


Caffeine can assist with brain fog and help you focus. It does this by promoting alertness and reduces overall feelings of fatigue. It also enhances the feels by helping you feel more energised and inspired. This happens because caffeine is a stimulant that gives you a beautiful surge of energy.


Caffeine can boost your physical training performance giving you the energy go to harder for longer. Consuming caffeine before a workout or intense physical activity may give you an energy boost and assist with muscle fatigue. So, if you want to amp up your workout results and improve endurance reach for the caffeine before your next gym visit.


All these reasons make us love caffeine, but as with any relationship you should take baby steps. Excessive caffeine consumption is bad news, so steer clear of that and be mindful of unintentional consumption from sources like cola and chocolate. Regularly consuming too much caffeine can also have a negating effect on its benefits, meaning you can develop a tolerance for it’s stimulating qualities. Supping is an excellent way to get the hit you need and keep track of how much you consume. In the case of caffeine: less is more.