By WebTeam Pharmacare

Five reasons Vitamin C wears the crown

If you want to slay all day, make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin C. This powerhouse nutrient can be gained from food sources like leafy greens and citrus, but if your diet is lacking, then your lustre will be too! These are the major reasons that Vitamin C wears the crown: 

  1. Less colds: When it come to your immunity, Vitamin C can boost your MVPs that fight off infections. Supplementing your Vitamin C intake can reduce your risk of catching the common cold.
  2. Elevated energy: Vitamin C can enhance your bodies iron absorption. Iron is helpfulfor maintaining sufficient energy levels throughout the day, so supplementing C can help get back your get up and go.
  3. Better skin: Vitamin C’s impact on your skin health is two fold. It provides antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals (read wrinkles) and it also nurtures collagen production, meaning it can help protect you against processes that occur in ageing skin.
  4. Healthier heart: When it comes to cholesterol balance is everything. We want less of the bad stuff in our bloodstream and more of the good stuff for overall health. Vitamin C thankfully has your back and supports both of these things.
  5. Stronger bones: Vitamin C supports your teeth and connective tissue like cartilage which helps keep our bones stable during impactful actives like sport.

Vitamin C is a quintessential vitamin because it is has a key role in so many of your bodily processes. Everything from healthy immune function to antioxidant cell protection needs Vitamin C. All hail Queen C.