By WebTeam Pharmacare


Are you guilty of hair care negligence? Us too.

We are not afraid to take up a full arsenal of styling tools to achieve perfectly casual curls: product and straighteners, curlers and sprays, gimme it. Then from time to time we whack on a mask or spritz or a serum and hope for the best. But then we get the sads when we see someone else who has the kind of heavenly hair that we want.

Sound familiar?

Taking the time to nourish and replenish our hair so it can withstand our styling demands and still bounce back every time is as easy as 1 -2 - 3 !


  1. Invest in quality shampoo and conditioner

When choosing your shampoo and conditioner it’s a MUST to ensure they are both sulphate free! Sulphates are a common ingredient that will dry out your scalp and hair. Instead choose products that contain natural oils, like coconut and argan, these will moisturise and strengthen your locks.


  1. Use a silk pillowcase

A silk pillowcase will work wonders for your hair by keeping it hydrated and reducing breakage. A 100% pure mulberry silk slip is our preferred choice if you want to wake up looking like a glossy haired goddess and not like this cat.

Crazy cat, bad hair day. Silly image of cat with crazy hair. cat in robe. bad hair day.

  1. Fall in love with serums

We already know you love your heat styling tools, but you need to make time for serums too. They smell good, they seal in moisture and they are the perfect addition to your hair care throuple. Introducing a serum or treatment like Moroccan oil into your regular clean routine will eliminate split ends and smooth out flyway’s.


For good measure, pop or chew some SUP Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies or Tablets. With best in class ingredients like Biotin and Collagen you can maintain healthy, strong and thick hair everyday… even if you forget to do the rest ;)