By WebTeam Pharmacare

Learning to love your guts

Part of learning to love yourself is learning how to take care of yourself. Prioritising your health is key on the path to happiness and fulfilment. No matter what your goals are, to really thrive and be present you need to feel well. There are many intricacies to overall “wellness”, but one of the pillars is your gut health. So, it is important to value how you treat it and understand how that will have knock on effects for you. We have some easy steps to help you on your way to learning to love your guts:

Show your guts some love by eating well. Consuming a variety of healthy foods, like fibre rich fruit and vegetables, as well probiotic foods like yoghurt and kefir to contribute to a happy tummy. Limit heavily processed foods and added sugars to assist in smooth digestion.

You need to keep your body moving to keep your guts fit. Regular exercise will benefit you in every way, from physical strength to mental fortitude to digestive wellness. Exercise will also help reduce stress levels

Finding a way to release stress that works for you is key to decreasing inflammation within your body. Your gut will benefit from doing yoga, meditating or taking a walk by decreasing stress hormones and increasing happy hormones :)

Your body needs sleep to reset and regenerate. Over doing it short term, will not pay off in the long term. So, prioritise rest and try to be consistent with at least 7 hours each night.

Be proactive with probiotics. Probiotic supplements are a great way to boost your gut health as they contain live bacteria that support digestion and immunity. SUP Gut Love Shots are a convenient way to slip a big hit of goodness into your diet. They are packed with prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. Our 99% sugar free Gut Love Gummies are just as good! They contain 1 billion CFU probiotics per serve and are a delicious way to treat yourself with benefits.