By WebTeam Pharmacare

Think Green, Eat Green

If you’re a little green when it comes to making healthy choices, you may not realise how easy it is to sneak a lot more nutritional value into your diet with just a little effort. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in unprocessed foods is an essential part of maintaining good health. A predominantly green diet is packed with nutrient dense foods that support digestive health, which in turn supports your overall wellness. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but if you want optimal health a green diet is highly recommended.

So if you find yourself stuck in a tea and toast rut, and are experiencing bloating and tummy woes, we have some tips for you!

  1. Shake it up: Blitzing up a smoothie packed with leafy greens and sweet berries is an easy way to bump up the nutritional value of your breakfast. The Vitamin C in the berries will boost your bodies absorption of the iron found in greens like kale and spinach. Win, win!
  2. Side piece: Adding veggies into every meal doesn’t have to be a side order. The subtle flavour of greens like spinach, zucchini and cucumber make them the perfect pairing for any sambo, stir fry or pasta dish. Whether sliced, diced or grated they are a great way to up your vitamin and fibre intake.
  3. Munchies: Swap out the corn chips for sticks of celery, carrot and capsicum next time you dip into hommus or guac. You’ll still get to crunch your munch, but it will be without tonnes of added sodium.
  4. Juicy fruits: Put down the bottle of OJ and enjoy a green juice instead, your gut will be better for it. With less sugar and more vitamins it’s a simple swap. Mix it up with leafy greens and fresh apples, lemons and cucumber.
  5. Flavour boost: Pass on the salt and pepper and add extra flavour with herbs and spices instead. Parsley, coriander and mint are all tasty options that go with everything!
  6. Be pro-active: Make sure you’re also getting enough probiotics in your diet to maximise nutrient absorption by introducing fermented foods like yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi.

Supporting your overall wellness with a green diet can also help with bloating and digestive discomfort. Bloating causes include things like a diet of heavily processed foods, lack of fibre and an imbalance of gut microbiota. Going green is beneficial for all these issues and can help you reduce these symptoms. SUP Gut Love Gummies and Shots are packed with probiotics to support a fresh diet and nourish good gut bacteria.