By WebTeam Pharmacare

What’s all the fuss about Collagen?

We’re sure you’ve heard the hype, Collagen is back. But not as you know it. Famous for pumping up trout pouts in the 80’s, collagen has had a re-brand and it’s definitely for the better. But what is collagen and why is it good for you?

Collagen is our bodies most abundant protein and it is found in our connective tissues. It is responsible for shaping the structure of our bones, muscles, tendons and skin! Our bodies maintain our collagen levels through a natural process called “collagen synthesis”, where our body produces new collagen to replace old collagen that has deteriorated. But as we age our synthesis slows and our collagen begins to deplete at a quicker rate. Poor quality lifestyle and diet choices can also compound our collagen loss. Giving a hard truth to the phrase: “everything in moderation”.

If you’re feeling fuzzy about all this information, read on to discover how supplementing with collagen can help you get additional benefits.

SUP formulations include French marine collagen, hydrolysed collagen and collagen type 1. There are other shortcuts for boosting your collagen retention, like eating a diet rich in Vitamin C and amino acids to support collagen production.