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There is an overwhelming amount of vitamins and supplements on the market, and shopping for them can take you down a rabbit hole of health and wellness options. But we have the golden guide of what to look for right here at your finger tips…

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  1. Goals vs. Claims

This should be the first step in your journey toward finding a new supplement. Consider your goals and lifestyle, this will help you narrow down exactly what ingredients you will most benefit from and which type of supplement you can seamlessly introduce to your routine. Pairing the right product claims and format, to your personal goals and habits will get you the best results.

  1. Ingredients

When shopping for a new supplement always ensure that product labels clearly state the ingredients that are in the supplement formulation. Having a firm understanding of what you are putting into your body is critical in improving your wellness, and not compromising it.

  1. Formulation breakdown

When choosing a product keep an eye out for the quantity of the nutrient or ingredient you will be getting. Using the ingredient information, you can ensure that what you are paying for will align with your own health and lifestyle needs. We share our ingredient breakdowns under the ‘Formulation’ tab on individual product pages.

  1. Made in Australia

Australian supplement manufacturing standards are among the highest in the world. So even though the internet offers myriad of options that are just a click away, it is wise to be mindful of the quality of products you are consuming and where they come from. We recommend always opting for products that are made in Australia.

  1. Reputation

Choosing a well-respected brand that cares about the science backing their ingredients and supports their customers’ needs will quickly eliminate any transient brands.

  1. Research

If you want to buy the best for your body don’t be tempted by pretty packaging alone (although we do love a pretty package). Social media is saturated with wellness promotions, but buying into a fad won’t give you long term results. Consider what you need and read a little about what will actually work, as backed by health professionals not professional posers.

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