By WebTeam Pharmacare

Why we’re obsessed with Vitamin B

Vitamin B is often overlooked in favour of uber popular Vitamin C. We think that’s a travesty because with Vitamin B you’re not just getting one superstar, but the whole girl band plus back up dancers. Vitamin B is actually eight essential vitamins that have a critical role in maintaining great health. Each type of Vitamin B has it’s own special qualities, but combined they are a force to be reckoned with. From supporting your metabolism to elevating your energy levels, here are a bunch of reasons you should get Vitamin B on your A team.

Maintain a healthy metabolism, every day of the week. By breaking down what you consume into smaller, more readily absorbed molecules Vitamin B helps your body stay vital.

More Energy, because we know you got goals. There is always stuff to do and often you’re not getting enough Vitamin B to do it. The B Vits help your body take the food you eat and turn it into the sweet stuff: energy. It is hard to live your best life when you’re always tired, but getting enough Vitamin B can turn it all around. This vitamin aids in the production of red blood cells, these carry oxygen around your body, no biggie just kinda critical for life and stuff. It is also essential in the conversion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats into glucose: which your body needs as fuel!

Happy Nerves, but not the kind you get on your wedding day. Vitamin B plays a role in supporting the health of your nerve cells and helps synthesise neurotransmitters, these are the chemicals that carry signals around your body.

Natural Aesthetics, because it feels good to be happy in the skin youre in - without a two hour make up routine. We are not kidding when we say getting a daily dose of Vitamin B brings the A team to your wellness routine. Now you can see why we’re so obsessed with it.