By WebTeam Pharmacare

Yummy Gummies! What's the Difference Between Gelatine and Pectin?

Who wants to waste precious moments of their busy morning routine (or for that matter, their afternoon relaxo routine) trying to follow 10 complicated steps to get the perfect super supplement smoothie? Not us. We’ve got a bit on most days, so the convenience of SUPs yummy gummies really floats our boat. We keep them stashed everywhere: desk drawer, gym bag, handbag. We have all the gummies for all the things and that makes us feel more secure than our emotional support water bottle ever has. 

But what gives our gummies their satisfying chewiness? Gelatine! Both gelatine and pectin can be used to create the perfect juicy jelly, but there are a few key differences that make one a better fit for our SUP Gummies.

Firstly, gelatine is pretty much tasteless, allowing all our yum flavours like Peach and Blackberry to take centre stage. Secondly, gelatine is also source of protein and amino acids, which are beneficial on their own, but also allow our hero ingredients like Collagen and Ashwagandha do their thing. Last but not least, gelatine ensures all our superstar SUP customers get to enjoy the elastic chewiness goodness they expect from a gummie!

On the other hand, pectin is a carbohydrate derived from plants, it is commonly used in the food industry as a gelling agent requiring the right level of sugar and (fruit) acid to set. So, while you may find pectin is used to similar effect, we think gelatine’s benefits far outshine pectin’s soft texture.

So, if you want a gummie with that chewy texture on the go, the gelatine gummies are for you!