By WebTeam Pharmacare

How to reduce bloating

Belly bloating gives us the ick. It can creep into your picture perfect day and make you wish you stayed in your pyjamas. A bloated stomach can make everyday life uncomfortable and can dramatically reduce your confidence. It can be tricky to identify exactly what causes stomach bloating as everyone’s digestive system has its own quirks, but we have a few tried and tested remedies that can help you beat the bloat.

Bloating symptoms are most commonly caused by what we eat and our individual body’s ability to effectively digest it. Even though some foods are more likely to cause gas, the intricacies of our own gut microbiome’s ability to break food down is of more consequence when it comes to bloating of the stomach. A healthy digestive system is better able to handle a wider variety of foods and is less likely to cause the bi-product of gas - which is what causes bloating. For this reason probiotics and prebiotics can help prime your gut to be less susceptible to bloating.

How you aid digestion can also help you get rid of bloating. Give your gut some support by eating at regular times, consistently consuming water in between meals, getting a good dose of fibre for breakfast, lunch and dinner and moving your body when possible, to stop gas building up. Making good choices for your gut on a daily basis can help you both prevent and alleviate bloating symptoms.

If you’re already feeling like you have a helium balloon in your lower abdomen don’t float away yet. SUP Gut Love Debloat capsules contains botanicals that are used in Traditional Herbal Medicine including Curcumin that can help you say bye bye bloating and get your confidence back. Plus, detoxifying Dandelion and Milk Thistle that can help relieve indigestion and flatulence. This is our number one bloating remedy when timing is critical, and our jeans feel too tight.

Stomach bloating is directly related to gut health. So, if you are sick of feeling bloated and want to reduce those uncomfortable interruptions, be good to your gut and your gut will be good to you!  


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