By WebTeam Pharmacare

Rock the bloat

Traditionally only the topic of mortifying GP visits and hushed conversations with best friends, the once embarrassing symptoms of gastrointestinal troubles are now an internet sensation. Viral videos featuring gorgeous girls openly sharing their experience of gut issues with zero shame has left Tik Tok bursting at the seams with #hotgirlsgetbloated content - and we are here for it. Discomfort caused by bloating and gut issues are no joke, aside from the cramps and painful gas, the societal pressure to pretend none of it is happening can be emotionally crushing. By promoting the bloat this movement is inspiring girls to talk through their tummy troubles and find confidence in each other’s oversharing. In that spirit we want to share with you our teams #hotgirlsgetbloated must have support items:

Gut Love Debloat Capsules

keep these bad boys on hand at all times, but they are especially handy when trying to avoid abdominal bloating for an event. Want to know how Gut Love Debloat capsules work? Our debloat medication contains the trifecta of Turmeric, Dandelion and Milk Thistle, three star debloat ingredients used in Western herbal medicine to relieve flatulence, symptoms of indigestion and abdominal bloating.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Heat packs: they aren’t just for period cramps. We use our heat pack when experiencing bloating in the upper abdomen. The warmth helps to relax the muscles, allowing wind to pass and helping nervous tension subside. Having a lot on your mind can play a part in bloating of the stomach we love that our heat pack provides a familiar comfort along with a physical effect.

Strike a pose: debloating yoga-based movements can help get your digestive system flowing. We have a fab and free little resource on the Health Hub Blog you can access right now: “Five simple stretches to relieve bloating”. If we have failed to resist a tasty treat that we know may trigger #stomachissues, and it’s too late for good choices, we find keeping our chakras open really helps keep the digestive process moving.

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