By WebTeam Pharmacare

Why Caffeine Is Good For You?

Caffeine is a stimulant that effects the body in several ways. It can be found in coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks and chocolate, however it is becoming increasingly popular to purely supplement with it. Caffeine focus supplements like SUP FIT Caffeine Gummies and SUP FIT Energy Shots are loved by those with an active and demanding lifestyle, to give them an energy boost across their many pursuits.  Caffeine sometimes gets a bad wrap, but it can be good for you in a few ways:


It can get you into a movin’ mood by stimulating happy hormones and giving you the feels. Getting started is half the battle when it comes to finding motivation. So, slipping in the perfect dose of caffeine, without the loopy highs and crashes that sugary energy drinks bring, is a great way to get going. SUP FIT Caffeine Gummies are a yummy and convenient way to hit the sweetness craving and get a controlled dose of caffeine. (They are 99% sugar free compared to the average energy drink that contains around 20mg of sugar.)


Caffeine’s stimulating qualities can also up your energy levels. The maximum recommended daily intake is capped at 400 mg and the average cup of coffee is between 80-100 mg (depending on how you take it). But it can be hard to keep track of your intake if you’re sipping on lattes, instant and soda all day. And if you are considering caffeine as an energy booster to get you through to that evening workout, all your cardio will be counteracted by the cappuccino calories you’ve tallied up during the day. Energy without excess is the key reason caffeine supplements are offering all the pros and eliminating the cons.


Caffeine has the ability to reduce or suppress fatigue. Shaking off feelings of nagging tiredness can be both motivating and invigorating. By fighting weariness caffeine can assist you in remaining committed to your wellness pursuits like physical activity. SUP FIT Energy Shots are a great gulp on the go liquid supplement that delivers 16mg of caffeine per serve so you can get on with being the best version of yourself.


Introducing caffeine into your routine as a supplement and phasing it back as a daily ritual will further boost its benefits, as a tolerance for its affects can be developed which can result in caffeine withdrawal symptoms when you drop it. Caffeine is an effective pick-me-up and is good for those seeking support in keeping motivated, however being mindful of consumption and following doctors orders in regard to intake is recommended.