• Tips on how to stay focused

    Tips on how to stay focused

    Studying, working or staying focused sometimes can be just too hard! There’s someday that you have to concentrate and get things done, but your brain is just not having a bar of it. Keep reading for some useful tips on...

  • whatsup earth SUP supplements sustainability

    whatSUP, Earth?

    IMPORTANCE OF RECYCLING Stopping global warming isn’t a one man job, but we can all have an impact on the world we live in by making small changes in our day-to-day lives. Recycling is such a buzz word in today’s...


    Healthy methods to decrease PMS symptoms

    Every girl knows and understands the struggle of PMS - Premenstrual syndrome - symptoms; that dreaded time of the month that leaves us feeling moody, bloated and all-round ick. There are some over-the-counter medicines to minimise this ‘ick’iness but they...

  • Good Bacteria vs. Bad Bacteria

    Good Bacteria vs. Bad Bacteria

    Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, some are rather good for you. But the line could be a thin one. So, what should you know? The human body plays host to a number of micro-organisms, most of which are...

  • Say Goodbye to I-B-S WITH S-U-P

    Say Goodbye to I-B-S WITH S-U-P

    It’s true, everyone is unique and special in their own way – including your gut’s insides. The trillions of micro-organisms that live in your gastrointestinal system are unique to each individual and taking care of these good bacteria is key...

  • Pre and Probiotics Boost Immunity

    Pre and Probiotics Boost Immunity

    Are you getting enough of the good stuff? Working together, pre and probiotics boost immunity from the inside out. It’s a strange thought, but right from the moment we’re born, the human body becomes a host for other microorganisms. This...